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Updated August 24, 2016

I’m writing to share my conversations, thoughts, ideas and feelings on living here in this rural community in the woods of East Texas.

Many people I’ve met and some I’ve gotten to know as friends moved here from the city because of the peaceful scenes and natural beauty.  As they began to make their home here they discovered that along with having a garden that attracts butterflies there are caterpillars, with flowers there are bees, with woods there are vines and dead trees and with ponds there are snakes.  They see nature as a duality of good things and bad things. They work to get rid of the bad things and believe they can still have the good things.

To me nature here is one contiguous system of living things with connections that have a history going way, way back before our living memory of them.  I learned and experienced some of these connections through the organizations and people I’ve volunteered with since we’ve moved out here (see the “about us” page on this website).  I found that visitors to our land and East Texas in general find a peace and beauty here “…that exceeds its usefulness and monetary value…” (Aldo Leopold - author, philosopher, scientist, ecologist, forester, conservationist, and environmentalist.)  I’ll write about our getting to know nature here, connecting with it, and partnering with conservation organizations to protect some of the wildlife and plants.





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